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About The Technology


(Japanese Green Tea [Camellia Sinensis] Extract, Oxygen, Carnitine, Ubiquinone) is a compound which consists of Japanese Green Tea Extract which is then infused with pure Oxygen. The cells in our skin require Oxygen in order to survive and regenerate properly. As we get older, the level of Oxygen in the skin diminishes, however by using Oxygen Botanicals™ products, you increase cell metabolism thereby increasing the production of new skin cells. As a result of this the skin looks and feels younger and healthier and the cells reproduce at a faster more normal rate. This amazing complex also contains Carnitine which is a very effective skin-conditioning agent and is an amino acid derivative. Also, an integral part of this complex is the Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) which is one of the two most important essential nutrients. It is widely distributed in plants and micro-organisms as it functions in conjunction with enzymes in cellular respiration. CMI Oxygen Complex™ is a preparation that contains Catechins, which are potent antioxidants, and it also has effective antibacterial action. This complex also has therapeutic effects that include antiallergenic properties. CMI Oxygen Complex™ is non-toxic.


The scientists incorporated ‘TIME RELEASE’ technology at the same time as encapsulating the pure oxygen. Here is how they did it: they developed the unique process to stabilize and encapsulate pure oxygen into catezome structures, an advanced liposome delivery system, that time-releases oxygen and other nutrients into the skin. Twelve different sizes of catezomes disperse into the skin approximately every 40 minutes with the largest catezomes releasing their nutrients to the skin first.

Skin Solutions

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The modern world may be advancing in technology, but it is also increasing the amount of chemicals and pollution in the air. Our skin interacts with these elements everyday, resulting in more dirt, grime and stress. Oxygen Botanicals™ has created products that will make sure that your skin is refreshed and revived each morning and evening. The protocols are wonderfully refreshing and essential to maintaining healthy skin.


The most common problem in skincare is dehydration. When skin feels dry and tight, it begins to flake, looks dull and increases the appearance of fine lines. It is very important to keep the skin hydrated by using moisture rich products during the day and allow it to repair itself while you sleep at night. Using the Oxygen BotanicalsTM range will keep your skin soft, supple and reduce fine lines.


Blemishes are just for teenagers, right? No; not always. Blemishes affect everyone at some time during their life, and until recently, there was not much more you could do than sit back and wait for them to clear up. Now with today’s advancements in science and technology, blemish sufferers can do much more. Oxygen BotanicalsTM allows you to keep your blemishes and accompanying symptoms under control.


More and more people are engaging in skin treatments, injections or surgical procedures. The skin will be left in need of care after these procedures. Brand new skin needs to rebirth itself with the best nutrients to help it regenerate and fully benefit from the treatment that it has received. Oxygen BotanicalsTM is a specialty range that is gentle and kind to new skin. It will help heal and regenerate to perfection.


The aging process is frequently associated with variable degrees of a metabolic slowdown in all tissues, including the skin. Skin wrinkling includes the effects of gravity, expression lines, sleep lines, smoke and chemical exposure, hormonal changes and genetic programming. Oxygen Botanicals™ offers products that can inhibit collagen cross-linking and photo aging of the skin.


Hyper pigmentation is a condition where an excess of melanin forms deposits, which results in dark patches of skin, which include: freckles, liver spots, uneven complexion, melasma, and acne spotting. Oxygen Botanicals™ will give individuals who are prone to hyper pigmentation a fighting chance against these problematic symptoms.


We all have sensitive skin from time to time. Any one of us that comes into contact with certain chemicals can develop a sensitive skin reaction. Much of this is due to physiological responses of skin cells with reactive chemicals. Sensitive skin can accompany conditions of eczema, atrophic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. Oxygen Botanicals™ is dedicated to producing products that grant the immaculate but loving touch that is needed for healthy looking skin.


The skin around your eyes and mouth is extremely sensitive and prone to early aging. Laugh lines around the eyes are no laughing matter, and flakey dry lips are far from appealing. Oxygen Botanicals™ has formulated some of the most impressive eye and lip care on the market today. Each product works to revive, thicken and restore your eyes and lips to their natural supple state.


Your skin is precious, no matter what area of the body. It needs to be cared for, moisturized and kept in good shape. Oxygen BotanicalsTM has created an incredible hand cream that will prevent your hands from giving away your age. The Oxygen BotanicalsTM body care line has been created to help moisturise, firm and slim the body by working with special formulations that will be sure to impress.


Each travel kit consists of 6 products. It is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the amazing effects of pure oxygen on your skin. The mini size products are perfect for travel, and it can also be an incredible gift for someone that cares about the health and well-being of their skin. Choose the kit that is best for you.


Oxygen BotanicalsTM offers a complete line of products for the professional. Please consult a sales representative for more information on the highly advanced series of serums, skin activators and peels to help cater to a diverse range of skin concerns.

oxygen skincare products

oxygen skincare products