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Oxygen Enhancement

These compact easy to operate machines are low cost, quiet and reliable. They are easy to clean, light weight, and portable, enabling them to be moved with ease.

These versatile units, may be used in reception areas - simply remove a chair. They are beneficial in the locker room for a quick energy boost or “after the game” recovery. In the Spa, Oxygen Facials soothe irritated skin after derma-abrasion and laser resurfacing. These units are very popular in the home for an enjoyable way to rejuvenate & restore ones vitality. Quiet enough to view television or complete paper work. Versatile enough for use during exercise.

This self contained oxygen machine produces oxygen on demand, eliminating costly and potentially explosive tanks, rendering it safe and virtually maintenance free.

Includes :


Oxygen Output 1- 6 Litres per Minute
Oxygen Purity 90% - 84% (depending on flow rate)
Oxygen Storage None - Makes Oxygen as Required
Sound Levels 45 Decibels @ 1 Metre (very quiet)
Dimensions 28.5 H. x 15.7 W x 14.5 D (in.)
Weight 63 lbs. (33Kg)
Power Req. 120 V. AC, 60Hz, 5 amps
Consumption 500 Watts - Equivalent to 5-100 watt light bulbs
Compressor Output 9 PSI
Response Time 2 minutes to attain maximum purity level
Warranty 23 Months Parts & Labour Includes Free Loaner Machine
Service if service required, we provide a loaner machine at no cost
Life Span Many Years and Thousands of hours


How Do They Operate?

The Machines do not store oxygen… they make oxygen by separating the ambient room air.. to produce approximately 90% oxygen purity….


No storage of compressed oxygen enhances the safety factor

On Going Expenses ?

Because the machines make oxygen .. there are no tanks or refills to purchase or ongoing expenses associated with the operation of the machine..

Cost of Operating ?

Hydro usage is equivalent to 4 – 100 watt light bulbs only when the machine is running

Power Requirements ?

Plugs into a regular 120V grounded outlet

Ease of Operation ?

Very Simple to operate with only 2 controls… on/off switch and oxygen flow control

On- Going Maintenance ?

The Only maintenance required is to wash the foam filter every 2 weeks in soapy water, Includes a spare filter. Has an Easy to clean plastic surface

Set up Time ?

The Machines attain maximum purity level 2 minutes after initial start-up or shutdown

Can it be moved ?

Machine is Portable, on wheels and can easily move from room to room

Where Is The Machine Manufactured ?

The EET’s are Manufactured in North America and carry CSA Approval.

Warranty ?

Full 23 Month Warranty: Parts & Labor. A 25 Month additional Extended warranty is available

Service ?

In the event service is required… anytime through the life of the machine. We supply at no charge, a loaner unit until our client’s machine is back in working order

What percentage of oxygen does the machine make?

Depending on the setting of the flow meter, the higher the flow, the purity of the oxygen drops slightly. Generally, the oxygen will stay between 85 and 92 % purity.

What percentage of oxygen is in the air we breathe?

Under 21%, but depends on altitude

oxygen skincare products

oxygen skincare products