massage therapy quoteAs the proud exclusive distributor of Oxygen Botanicals™ in the Philippines for the past 3 years we can truly say we have the best professional skin care line for our clients. By partnering with Sybaritic we have been leading the way with Oxygen skin care and facial treatments. We cater to a very demanding market and we make sure that we deliver their expectation. That is why for their major concerns like skin lightening, acne control and regimen for matured skin -- we only offer Oxygen! Clients from our 33 branches all love the excellent result!massage therapy unquote

Dr. Emma Guerrero
President Bioessence Skin Clinic
massage therapy quoteReally, I’m addicted to Oxygen Botanicals, especially the Vitamin C serum and Mulitfruit acid Refiner. The Exfoliant brightens the skin immediately…my clients love it. massage therapy unquote

Raina Saliba
Beauty Center Manager/The Diplomat Club
Doha Qatar
massage therapy quoteI am a “Walking Advertisement” for Oxygen Botanicals. I created a 30 minute Oxygen Infusion treatment for myself. It consists of cleansing, toning, application of Oxygen Botanicals Hydrating Mask (or whatever mask is needed). Then the Oxygen Mist for 15-20 minutes. Honestly, many of my professors and colleagues ask me what my secret is. I just keep quiet and chuckle silently to myself, however, I always tell my students about it whenever I teach the dermatology residents especially the graduating batch, who are always on the lookout for new and exciting treatments.massage therapy unquote

Dr. Maria Paz Beleno
massage therapy quoteWe have found that by using a product with a higher PH like Oxygen Botanicals Hydrating Mask before extractions and a product with lower PH like Oxygen Botanicals MultiFruit Acid Refiner after extractions, it products excellent results. We really love Oxygen Botanicals….“Beautiful Products, Beautiful Results” massage therapy unquote

Anita Schuessler
Aesthetic Trainer / Bliss Spa NY

oxygen skincare products

oxygen skincare products